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The LMT Collective by LendMyTrend TM

Your Clothing Concierge

At LendMyTrend TM , we get the challenge facing those of you with an impressive wardrobe of clothing to share, but you’re too time poor to manage your own rentals.

Get the best out of LendMyTrend TM and list your garments through our concierge service, The LMT Collective. We’ll professionally photograph, profile and prioritise your collection of designer garments on our site. just as we did with the following listing. LendMyTrend TM will showcase your wardrobe, manage your rentals, and maintain the quality and condition of your garments, so that you can maximise the return on your listings, and the money straight to your pocket.

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The LMT Collective TM strives to deliver a more premium experience to our users, and this is greatly reflected in the overall quality of the items we accept and list through the service.