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How to Rent


Step 1 - Find an Item

Browse our collection to find that perfect item!


Step 2 - Specify your Dates

Once you have found your item, choose from either a 4 day or 8 day rental period, and specify the dates you wish to rent it for.


Step 3 - Request to Book

To request to book your item for the chosen period, simply fill out your payment details when prompted, so that we can arrange a hold for your chosen dates. Please also note, you won't be charged for your rental until the lender approves your request.

Step 1

Step 4 - Confirmation of your booking request

The lender will be notified of your request accordingly, and will have the accept or decline it within 48 hours.

Once a lender accepts your request, your booking will be confirmed and we will notify you of this via email, so be sure to keep a look out!

Clothing cost

Step 5 - Finalize your rental details

After your booking has been confirmed, don't forget to contact the lender of your item via our dedicated chat platform to arrange anything further as necessary, such as try-ons, a postage address, or a meet up point to exchange the garment.


Step 6 - Wear it

Now's your time to shine! Be sure to tag @lendmytrend if you post anything to your socials. We loving seeing our users in action!


Step 7 - Return it

At the conclusion of your rental period, arrange to have the item returned to its lender via our dedicated chat platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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