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Our Mission

With LendMyTrend, you too can be a part of the fashion sharing revolution.

Let’s face it – no-one likes wearing yesterday’s look, but today’s fashion trends move faster than our wallets can keep up with!

With the rise of fast fashion, sustainability in the fashion industry is at an all-time low. We’re buying more and more low-quality pieces that are not only destined for a landfill, but are mere copycats of those designer brands we all know and love.

At LendMyTrend, by connecting those who want to wear great fashion with those who want to share it, we are striving to create a more economic and eco-friendly way to access the best and latest fashion, without harming our planet even more.

The problems with the fashion industry today.

More of us are turning to fast fashion than ever before, and understandably so. As clothing that is mass-produced to feed our needs now, it’s proven to be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get our hands on the latest fashion trends - but at what cost?

According to Dirty Laundry: Fashion’s Impact On Our Ocean, “fast fashion and the rise of ‘disposable clothing’ has led the average [person] to throw away 37 kilograms of clothes each year.” In Australia alone, that equates to 892,810 tonnes of textile waste. Unlike the traditional fashion product produced to last for the longer-term, with fast-fashion industry, these items of clothing will inevitably end up in a landfill at the end of their short lifecycle, contaminating the surrounding environment with the many toxic chemicals that go into their production.

The reality is that most clothing today is not made with recyclable materials, but made mainly of plastics, like polyester and nylon, that cannot be reused in new products. With this, and the wastage that is produced by the fast fashion industry, its promotion is not only incredibly uneconomical in the long term and extremely environmentally unfriendly – it’s unethical. We must find a more eco-friendly and sustainable way to access the latest fashion trends in a wallet-friendly way.

Together, we can achieve this.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is an emerging trend within the fashion industry promoting a mind-set that focuses on access and sharing over traditional one-off purchases of clothing.

Instead of purchasing that dress or suit you may only wear once or twice, why not rent the same piece for only a fraction of the price? Better yet, what if you could lend the items sitting and collecting dust in your own wardrobe to those people, and turn it into a new stream of passive income?

This is the fashion sharing economy – and it’s finally here.

According to Lisa Heinze from Sustainability with Style, “a 2015 survey found that women wore clothing an average of 7 times before throwing them away, and that after 3 years most items are no longer considered ‘new.’” With the fashion sharing economy, the same items of clothing are now able to be worn a significantly higher number of times, whilst they are still considered ‘new’ for longer.

You too can join the movement.

At LendMyTrend, our mission is to help introduce sustainable fashion into your daily life, which is why we included some handy tips on how you might get started:

Together, let’s put an end to the unstainable behaviours that have more recently been plaguing the fashion industry. Stop sacrificing quality at the expense of our environment. Let us turn your wardrobe into your most valuable investment, and at the same time, open up a world of high-street fashion accessible on a shoe-string budget.

It’s really a win-win!

From the LendMyTrend™ Team